We want to provide handmade products in a world that’s filled with mass produced items by soulless machines. Small imperfections in the pieces of Dils & Mander are signatures of the makers and show the human behind the manufacturing. The natural look and feel of our products is of great importance just as the sustainability and durability. We believe concrete is a noble material that ages gracefully and naturally in time.

Concrete has a rich history, dating back thousands of years. During the Roman period the knowledge of concrete was at a very high level, which resulted in magnificent structures such as the Pantheon or the Colosseum. The Pantheon, being built around 125 A.D., is this is still the largest unreinforced concrete dome in the world. The Romans added very fine materials to their concrete such as volcanic ash that gave an enormous increase in strength and durability. We continue on this tradition and the introduction of similar fine materials is one of the key elements in all of our products.

The rich history and everlasting structures being built with concrete are the backbone of our passion. Dils & Mander wants to bring concrete closer to your home and keep exploring the endless possibilities with this material.


Jonas Vermander is managing partner and projectleader.

Business, marketing & sales

Jeroen Dils is managing partner and projectleader.

Concrete technology
Production process